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MCC204 Power Amplifier

The MCC204 consists of four separate power amplifier channels, each capable of 50 watts into 4 ohm speakers with less than 0.005% distortion.
Each pair of channels can be set in bridged configuration for 200 watts output into 4 ohm loudspeakers with less than 0.01% distortion.

High Current Output
A peak output current of 15 amperes ensures that the MCC204 will successfully drive high quality loudspeakers, such as McIntosh, for a truly exciting sound experience.

Equalizer and Variable Crossover Filters
The one band equalizer has a center frequency that is variable from 40 Hz to 2,000 Hz which can be either cut or boosted ±12db. 12dB per octave high pass filters with variable corner frequencies from 50Hz to 120Hz and 12dB per octave low pass filters with variable corner frequencies from 50Hz to 120Hz.

Power Guard and Sentry Monitor
All channels include the patented McIntosh Power Guard circuit that prevents the amplifier from being overdriven into clipping with its harsh distorted sound that can also damage your valuable loudspeakers. McIntosh Sentry Monitor power output stage protection circuits are present on all channels to ensure the MCC204 will have a long and trouble free operating life.

Speaker Protection
If for any reason, a DC (Direct Current) voltage appears at the speaker output terminals, a built-in circuit turns off the amplifier power supplies to prevent damage to your valuable loudspeakers.

Thermal Protection with Multi-Speed Cooling Fan
Built-in thermal protection circuits guard against overheating which could shorten the normal long life expectancy of your McIntosh Power Amplifier. Cooling fan speed is controlled by temperature sensors attached to the interior of the extruded aluminum cooling tunnel. The fan is normally off. When needed, the fan will automatically switch on, and speed is increased as needed for additional cooling.

Fully Discrete Design
The MCC204 has a fully complimentary double balanced amplifier design and is identical to that found in McIntosh’s leading home amplifiers.

Balanced Inputs with Pass Through
The Balanced Inputs cancel out interference noise that is produced by other sources in the vehicle and can be directly connected to the bridged speaker output of any head unit. The MCC204 provides four line level outputs, for the convenience of connecting multi-amplifier systems.

Remote Subwoofer Control and Line Output
The subwoofer level can be controlled via an external rotary control, which can be remotely mounted in the vehicle. A line level summed output is provided to drive an external subwoofer power amplifier. The inputs to both channels are summed for this output.

Gold Plated Terminals
McIntosh provides gold plated input and output terminals on the amplifiers for superior corrosion resistance. It is a very important feature in the automotive environment. Speaker wires to 10 AWG and DC input wires to 4 AWG can be accommodated.

Power Output Per Channel
50 watts into 4 ohm loads and 100 watts into 2 ohm loads is the minimum sine wave continuous average power output per channel all four channels operating.

Power Output Bridged
200 watts into 4 ohm loads is the minimum sine wave continuous average power output.

Rated Power Band
20Hz to 20,000Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion
Maximum Total Harmonic Distortion at any power level from 250 milliwatts to rated power output is: 0.005% for 4 ohm loads 0.01% for 2 ohm loads 0.01% for Bridged Mode with 4 ohm loads

Dymanic Headroom

Frequency Response
+0, -0.25dB from 20Hz to 20,000Hz
+0, -3dB from 10Hz to 100,000Hz

0.5 Volts

A-Weighted Signal To Noise Ratio
105dB (1.5V)

One Band Equalizer
Center Frequency is variable from 40Hz to 2,000Hz, level variable ±12db, Q fixed at 2

Selectable High pass or Low pass. The frequency is variable from 50Hz to 120Hz. The slope is 12dB per octave (Low pass is 24dB per octave in bridged mode)

Subwoofer Output
Low Pass filtered at 200Hz with a 6db per octave slope (level variable ±12db when using optional McIntosh External Subwoofer Rotary Control)

Intermodulation Distortion
Maximum Intermodulation Distortion if instantaneous peak output per channel does not exceed twice the rated output, for any combination of frequencies from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, with all channels operating is:
0.005% for 4 ohm loads
0.01% for 2 ohm loads
0.01% for Bridged Mode with 4 ohm loads

Input Impedance
12,000 ohms

Power Requirements
12 Volts DC, 2.5 amps (idle) - 38 amps (50 watts)

12.5 inches (31.8cm) wide, 3.0 inches (7.6cm) high, 13.7 inches (34.8cm) depth

14.5 pounds (6.6Kg) net, 17.0 pounds (7.7Kg) in shipping carton