McIntosh XR100 Loudspeaker

The XR100 loudspeaker utilizes 11 upper-frequency drivers. Their unique driver layout and crossover design combine high power handling with precise sound-staging. Combining 600 watts of power handling with superior musicality, the XR100 will fill even large rooms with full-bodied sound. Solid alloy, machined midrange tweeter baffle enhances imaging and appearance.

With four McIntosh Patented Low Distortion High Performance LD/HP woofers, these speakers reproduce an incredible deep bass experience from a slim cabinet design. Two sets of unique Patented McIntosh speaker binding posts are provided for bi-wiring option.

The McIntosh front panel emblem can be illuminated using the power control facility on complimentary McIntosh components.

Available in gloss black, red walnut and pear maple, the XR100's high-gloss finishes and fine cabinetry will be a welcome addition to even the most elegant homes.

General specifications:
- 4-way, rear ported, floor standing
- 8 Ohms nominal impedance
- 600 watts power handling
- One 3/4" titanium dome super tweeter
- Two 2" inverted titanium dome midrange tweeters
- Eight 2" inverted titanium dome midranges
- Four 6" Poly cone, LD/HP, Cast frame
- 30Hz to 45kHz anechoic response
- 87dB sensitivity, one watt / one meter
- Crossover frequencies at 300Hz, 2kHz and 8kHz
- Height 129.54cm, width 20.32cm, depth 43.18cm
- 31kg net, 37.65kg in shipping carton

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