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Tall and slender, the new XRT28 has a shape that enhances sound as well as looks. By keeping the frontal area narrow, imaging is improved and reflections off the front baffle are minimized. Unlike most column or planar speakers the XRT28 is not a delicate flower. Power handling is an amazing 1200 watts.

Two parallel columns of 4 inch midrange drivers surround a column of 1 inch tweeters - this column produces a symmetrical horizontal polar response, minimizing floor and/or ceiling reflections and delivering superior imaging, transparency and detail.

Fully shielded drivers enable use near video displays. Three pairs of gold plated binding posts allow for biamping or tri-amping. You truly have to hear these speakers.

System Type: Sealed, 3-way

Impedance Nominal: 4 ohms

Woofers: (4) 10" Extended Excursion LD/HP
Midranges: (40) 4" Extended Excursion LD/HP
Tweeters: (32) 1" Soft Dome

Frequency Range: 16Hz – 20kHz

SPL, 2.8V/1m: 88dB

Crossover: 300Hz & 2kHz

Overall Dimensions (H x W x D): 76-1/8" (193cm) x 16-3/8" (41.6cm) x 16-3/8" (41.6cm)

Aluminum Surfaces: Black satin powder coat

Trim: Solid wood

Finish: Natural Cherry, Red Cherry, Black Ash

Grille: Black, knit cloth

Weight (each): Loudspeaker Column: 124 lbs. (56.25kg) net, 146-1/2 lbs. (66.6kg) in shipping carton
Column Base: 15-1/2 lbs. (7.03kg) net, 18 lbs. (8.16kg) boxed