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As part of our premium service experiences, any purchase from us and our Group of companies (appointed authorized dealers) is an investment that comes with a lifetime of high-value services. This is strictly in accordance with the business philosophy of our principals, where clients enter into a 'world of privilege' in their relationship with respective authorized agents.

The following is a list of our premium service components offered exclusively to our customers:


- Acoustic Management and Room Voicing

- Professional Private Theatre Calibration

- ISF Digital Imaging Optimization

- Lifetime repairs and parts replacement subsidies *

- Technical performance restoration ( Audio Clinic)

- On-The-Spot troubleshooting services

- Pre & Post events system testing and inspection

- Special arrangements for specific unit imports

- Exclusive trade up programs

*Subject to stock availability from factory

For over 90 years, ONG RADIO has been instrumental in redefining reference standards in the high-end home entertainment & lifestyle systems market regionally. These milestones of 'industry-firsts' are a glimpse into the institution's thoughtful leadership credentials.

  • ONG RADIO Valve Amplifiers (1940s)

  • Premium grade High-Fidelity components Imports (1950s)

  • Custom Enviromental Acoustics Voicing (1977)

  • Time-Delay Ambience Sound System (1979)

  • Audio Clinic, Performance Restoration Facility (1983)

  • Mult-Zones Home Audio Systems (1983)

  • Home Audio/Video Integration (1984)


  • Custom Design AV Systems (1985)

  • Home Theatre Systems (1985)

  • Kilo-Watt High-Power Premium Home Theatre Systems (1992)

  • McIntosh Audio Concert in a Full-Sized Concert Hall (1993)

  • Home Intelligence System (1994)

  • Home Theatre Command System (1994)

  • AC-3 (Dolby Digital) with DTS surround processor (1996)

  • Effect Simulation System (2000)

  • High- End Home Theatre DLP Projectro System (2000)

  • Uncompressed Audio Server (2003)

  • High-Resolution Optical Screen (2006)

  • Malaysia's first Audio Concert in Kuala Lumpur (2009)

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