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     The ONG RADIO Project Partnership Program is designed to enable businesses and professionals to leverage over 80 years of experience and credentials in our field of luxury home entertainment and lifestyle systems of the highest fidelity.

  • Full-fledge service center facilities for priority service to your clients

  • Specific parts and stock requirements

  • Dedicated system specialist attached to your project for guidance

  • Full- fledged professional consultation and technical design services

  • Pre-installation cabling and integrations consultation

  • Leverage on prominent ONG RADIO Showrooms for your presentations

  • Co-operation on brand development, events and communications

  • Brand and system information materials

  • Industry and brand new updates

     Over the years, our partners have included renowned interior designers, developers, contractors, lifestyle AV system specialists, architects, electricians, and other professionals as they tap our expertise on specialist areas that range from technical consulting for system performances to system recommendations for custom installations, system automation and multiple brand integrations.


Our project partners benefit from:

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